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Mycenean Tour Information

Mycenae was the most powerful, brilliant and sovereign influence in Greece up to 1100 BC when it was destroyed by fire. Centuries later the tragic poets Aeschylus and Sophocles brought it back to life with the magic of their verses.

With two entrances , one enters the Acropolis through the Lion Gate, the oldest example of monumental sculpture in Europe and a secondary entrance, built in the same style, exists in the north side.

Inside the walls excavations have uncovered the palace complex :

Grave circle A with six royal tombs, courtiersí houses, sanctuaries and other important buildings.

Grave Circle B Outside the acropolis lie the ruins of private houses with 14 royal tombs and 12 tombs of private citizens.

Home of Agememnon, the ancient king, who united and commanded the Greeks during the Trojan war, the ruins of Mycenae were thought to be a myth until Heinrich Schlieman proved otherwise.

At one time the city overlooked a large bay which is now the plain of Argos.

The site is impressive and features the Palace of Agamemnon, the Treasury of Atreaus, and the tomb of Clytaemenestra, the wife of the great king who stabbed him to death in his bath for either being unfaithful, sacrificing their daughter to get favorable winds for the journey to Troy, or both.

The famous Lion's Gate is the oldest monumental sculpture in Europe and is said to be the coat of arms of Atreus, mythical king of Mycenae.

On the nearby hill of Panayitsa, archaeologists brought to light the most stunning edifice of Mycenaean architecture, the Treasure of Atreus, also known as the beehive tomb of Agamemnon.

Most of the more exceptional findings from the site are on exhibition in the National Archaeological Museum in Athens.

These include frescoes, gold jewellery, and the gold mask- which is said to have belonged to Agamemnon- among other priceless pieces.


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